Q: How do I participate online?

A: The best way is to register for an account on this website. This will also allow you to receive automatic updates and upload tracks directly to the site as comment attachments on the event pages. Many participants also engage in chatting during the events on IRC. You may join the channel #ironchefofmusic on efnet.

Q: What does the source sample typically consist of?

A: The source sample can be absolutely anything. In the past it has varied from brief chunks of pink noise, to audio from segments of films. At times we even record the sample just before it is dropped. In the past we have collected samples of a squeaky chair, and a modded moped being "played".

Q: Why should I participate? Won't people think I am terrible?

A: Possibly, but it is extremely fun, educational, and a very unique way to produce music. Unlike other remix contests which provide entire multitracked sources, or sample packs, everything created by ICOM participants is entirely original, generated using only their chopping, tweaking, and imaginatively musical skills.

Q: What should I make my track sound like?

A: Your submission may in any style you desire. In the past submissions have consisted of genres like breakcore and dubstep, all the way to ambient soundscapes and abstract noise. The best thing about ICOM is the variety of output it produces.