Seal of Approval

by sitari 7 years 5 days ago

an amazing source material. did some processing on it in Live and Reaper, then cut it up in SoundForge, then sequenced in FLStudio. Would have been nice to spend more time on the arrangement but I went down to the clock!


Dude this is a really slick departure from the original source. Good work.

many thanks. after processing the first two times it didn't really sound that much different, just more saturated and gritty. the main thing was using the sample sculpting tools (not sure what to call 'em, envelope filters i suppose is the proper term) to make things sound quite a bit different. also I just mixed it out of my laptop speakers and I think it sounds better than a lot of my mixes lol.

oh yeah and my editing choices in soundforge of course were pretty important for the whole thing. I found some parts that would make more percussive samples and the rest of it were things that I thought sounded cool as abstract loops.

dugga dugga dugga dugga dugga dugga dugga dugga